Sandberg Studio Pro Microphone

Being a content creator I have always needed the best audio quality possible. I remember the days that i would record with a small lapel mic that would essentialy provide me with a washed out end result. It was later throughout my content creation career that i aimed to up my recording game. Enter the Sandberg USB powered Studio Mic. I was hugely blown away instantly by the clarity and… Read More »Sandberg Studio Pro Microphone

Sandberg Bluetooth Earbuds + Powerbank

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Sandberg recently released their very own totally wireless earbuds (Bluetooth Earbuds + Powerbank) which are now part of my daily use. Exercise, music, relaxing sounds, drowning out the kids.   I always highlight the quality and user-friendliness of Sandberg Products I started working with sandberg a while back when they were relatively new to the tech realm. they have never let me down with their quality of product. For me… Read More »Sandberg Bluetooth Earbuds + Powerbank